A unique and suggestive place, where you can find well-being and the pleasure of time spent here

In the splendid scenery of an ancient natural cellar, Masseria Ancella offers Wine
Therapy, an exclusive treatment based on grapes and wine. Grapes and wine have numerous revitalising properties beneficial
for both the skin and for circulation, able to counteract stress and the skin aging process. Historically, grape-based
treatments were used by the ancient Romans, in ancient Greece and by the Arab populations. The grape, in fact, thanks to
its antioxidant properties and high content of polyphenols, is an excellent ally for beauty: reducing wrinkles, toning,
cleansing the body, moisturising the skin and improves microcirculation. Wine is a real beauty elixir: plunging into a tub
full of the "nectar of the Gods" is certainly an exciting and unique experience.

Wine Therapy

Welcome drink and then give yourself a moment of exclusive relaxation through the aromatherapy massage and the suggestive couple's bath in a tub with the addition of Negroamaro or Primitivo wine, accompanied by two glasses of red wine, pampered by the atmosphere of candles for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Duration: 80 minutes
Price per person: 80 euro
Price per couple: 160 euro

Spa packages

The paradise that is the "Ancella" creating memories through our wonderful selection of packages. Whether a romantic getaway or a weekend of pure relaxation, we are ready to welcome you. Regenerating massages, facial treatments and our unique "wine therapy" you get to choose your well-being!

Massages and Facial Traetments

By choosing relaxing massages and facial treatments you will have the pleasure of pampering yourself and rediscovering your psycho-physical wellbeing: thanks to the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of oils, extracts and essence, your body will regain brightness and softness.