Antistress Massage

Massage done touching gentle energetic body areas with the aromatherapy oils that free the mind with immediate anti-stress sensation.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price per person: 40 euro
Price per couple: 70 euro

Ayurveda Massage

It is a indian massage which helps your body’s growth and renewal. Ayurvedic massage expells toxins and provides deep relaxation in order to give your energy and concentration.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price per person: 60 euro
Price per couple: 110 euro

Californian Massage

An enveloping and regenerating massage. It gives total wellness and good mood.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price per person: 60 euro
Price per couple: 110 euro

Back and Neck Massage

Great for tense shoulders and neck.

Duration: 20 minutes
Price per person: 25 euro

Decontracting Massage

Focuses mainly on the shoulders, back and along the spine, allowing a relaxation of all muscle contractions.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price for person: 50 euro

Drainage Massage

A draining body massage that stimulates the elimination of toxins.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price for person: 60 euro

Lomi Lomi Massage

It is traditional hawaian massage which releases the energy blocked in your body, reduces phisical tension.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price for person: 60 euro

Relaxing Massage

Stimulating the energetic points of your body to create a deep relaxation.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price per person: 50 euro
Price per couple: 90 euro

Massaggio Thai Oil

Massaggio che aiuta a drenare i liquidi, aumenta la circolazione, elimina le tossine e dona rilassamento ai muscoli.

Durata: 50 minuti
Prezzo a persona: 60 euro

Body Treatments

Grape Scrub

Revitalizing peeling with Negroamaro and with salts and vegetable oils obtained from wine and red vine extracts. It favors the elimination of liquids and toxins in excess, renews and revitalizes the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth, elastic and velvety.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price per person: 60 euro

Facial Treatments

La maschera di Bacco

Deep face clearing, mask application and massage with a cream suitable to your skin condition.

Duration: 40 minutes
Price per person: 40 euro

Purifying Face Massage

Massage that relaxing your features by deleting tiredness marks

Duration: 30 minutes
Price per person: 30 euro