Spa packages

“Winter relax” package

Welcome drink, relaxation massage lasting 50 minutes, Jacuzzi (20 minutes); herbal tea corner.

Price per person: 70 euros
Price for couple: 140 euro

"Wine treatment" package

Welcome drink, Jacuzzi (20 minutes), grape seed scrub (15 minutes), couple massage with wine treatment (40 minutes), herbal tea corner.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price per person: 90 euros
Price per couple: 180 euros

“Ginger wellness” package

Welcome drink, Jacuzzi (20 minutes), ginger ritual with scrub and revitalizing massage.

Duration: 110 minutes
Price per person: 100 euros
Price per couple: 200 euros

“Candle ritual”

Welcome drink, a body scrub with shea butter and honey (20 minutes), candle massage performed with candles from which scented oils glide gently on the body (50 minutes).

The romantic atmosphere of the candle massage is perfect for couples who want to indulge in a relaxing escape into the world of wellness. The precise movements of the massage, strengthened by the beneficial action of heat, relax the muscles and free them from contractures. The vegetable oils and butters that slide on the skin moisturize and nourish it, making it smoother and more velvety.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price per person: 100 euros
Price per couple : 200 euros